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Thursday, February 28, 2013

40 Thoughts: Day 13

So Lent is a time to experience God's love.

But where is God's love in my attempt to refrain from soda for forty days?

Well. Honestly? In the grand scheme of things, you not drinking soda for forty days is not that important. It's probably not going to bring you to some great philosophical conclusion. It's probably not going to reveal some incomprehensible secret about Jesus or about you that you didn't already know.

This is just training. It's a gentle exercise that every year works to prepare us for the trials that lie ahead. That's where God's love can be found. He knows the trials we'll face, and he knows how much those trials will tear us apart. He gives us this Lenten season as a gift. We pick our own sacrifice and learn to turn to him when it becomes too difficult to bear. This is our opportunity to find our need for God even in the small things. That way, when the big things threaten to bury us and the waves are too high and the winds are too strong, we know what to do. We turn to him. And he'll help us walk across the water.

And we get to practice every year.

Have a prayerful day

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