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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

40 Thoughts: Day 19

Did you watch the woman at the well? What did you think?

Are you the woman? We've all sinned and that sin makes us feel wretched sometimes. Maybe a lot of times. And, like this woman, we're sure no drink from us could be refreshing. Have you ever felt ashamed walking to the foot of Jesus in Mass or approaching him in prayer?

Jesus is begging you to come anyway. He still wants a drink from you, not because he wants a drink, but because he wants you.

Or are you more like Jesus? Are you on your journey, trying to do right, sure you're on the right path, ready to minister to people who are ready to receive you. And then this woman. How do you treat people who don't fit into your day's plans? How do you treat people who don't look, act, talk, move, walk, sing, learn, eat, run, grow, or love like you do? Do you treat them like Jesus would?

He is begging for everyone. And we claim to be on his path, helping his cause, being fishers of men. Lent is a time to learn what that really means. We're spending sacrifice, time, and energy trying to grow our relationship with him so we're better equipped to carry out his purpose. And his purpose is begging for the Father's people to come back to the family. He is begging for everyone. Are you?

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