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Friday, March 15, 2013

40 Thoughts: Day 26

Another question about blindness:

What would it be like to be blind? Actually blind? Many people say that when you are blind, your other senses are heightened.

So stop for a second and try to walk around your house with your eyes closed. What do you hear? What do you feel? What do you smell? You feel more with your hands, and you hear your own breath a lot more. You hear more creaks, more of the wind outside, more of the soft closing and opening of doors. Why? Because you have to. Your body, void of one sense, gets its bearings by focusing on the other senses.

Then if we look back at the thoughts from yesterday, what would it really mean to be blind to the theology of the Pharisees for a little bit. What would we notice instead?

If we denied ourselves the rituals and the theology, what would our spiritual sense focus on?

Of course, if you're able to see, you should your eyes. That is to say, the rituals and the theology carried out within our Church communities and families and within our Church worldwide are not harmful to us. They are important and helpful. They are not without purpose, much like sight.

But there is nothing wrong with refocusing. So walk around one of these upcoming days blind to theology and ritual. Go to Mass and listen to the prayers as if you've never heard them. Kneel and stand and sit only to follow others. What does your worship look like without ritual? How do your prayers sound? Where do your hands rest? What does your heart feel like?

Have a blind day

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