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Thursday, March 28, 2013

40 Thoughts: Day 38

Holy Thursday

John 13:1-15

Tonight we celebrate Jesus' last supper. Specifically, when he washed his disciples' feet.

"Before the feast of Passover, Jesus knew his hour had come"

At the beginning of our Gospel this evening, we are told that when Jesus realized he was about to be crucified, he brought his disciples together for one last supper. And he washed their feet. He did so to prepare them for the last supper. But washing the feet of the people at the table was a servant's duty in homes back in Jesus' time. This is the last image he left with them: that he is their servant. That he, the Son of God came to be a servant. He gave us that example to follow.

The practice of washing feet during Mass will occur all over the world tonight as communities celebrate this Last Supper. Pope Francis has plans to bring Mass and feet-washing to a juvenile detention center tonight in Rome.

At Sacred Heart, we all wash each other's feet. If you choose to wash another's foot, you also have your foot washed. It's important to go through both experiences because for some it is harder to have your foot washed than to wash another's foot. For some, the exact opposite.

Sometimes, though, this ritual is confused. For some it seems it is a payback. "If you wash my feet, I'll clean up yours." But it's not.

This isn't a bargaining ship. Jesus didn't die because we promised we'd do better. He didn't even ask. He didn't want any promises. He just wanted to save us.

Realize in these all important last three days of Lent that you are loved. Seriously, deeply, undeniably, unconditionally loved. Loved.

Whether you have failed or succeeded in your Lenten promise, you are loved. Whether you have grown closer to Jesus during this time or not, you are loved.

Tonight, let's let Jesus wash our feet, because it's his greatest desire. And the next time we find ourselves in front of another well-loved human, let's wash their feet too. Not because they'll wash our feet later, but because Jesus has already cleansed and prepared us for God's Will. Your feet are clean.

Your feet are clean

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