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Saturday, March 30, 2013

40 Thoughts: Day 40

Wait. That's what today feels like, doesn't it?

Jesus has been crucified and we have mourned him. And we already know tomorrow is Easter and that he will rise. We don't have to mourn him like the disciples and Mary did. We know the end of the story already and we don't have to be so sad or afraid. All we have to do is wait.

But today is more than just waiting. Jesus isn't just laying in the tomb, pretending to be dead, waiting for tomorrow so he can be taken away. He died. He descended into Hell. He felt the fire. He saw where we would all be headed without him. He is more and more glad that he has saved us. He is falling even more in love with us.

Today is our last day of waiting. It's the last day of our mourning and fasting and sacrifice.

But, just like every other day, it's another day to fall even more in love with him as he falls even more in love with us.

Prepare your hearts. Easter is so close.

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